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Bolsa 60/65% Keyboard Carrying Case [PRE-ORDER]

Bolsa 60/65% Keyboard Carrying Case [PRE-ORDER]


This is currently a PRE-ORDER. The cases have already shipped to us and are expected to be here sometime November/December. 

Picture this: You're going to a keyboard meet up with your expensive, end game prize possession in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand. Someone bumps into you, you spill your coffee all over yourself and your 5 lb baby falls out of your hand and boom, game over. 

We can't prevent you from getting coffee all over yourself, but we can prevent your precious keyboard from getting rekt with our new carrying case!


  • Padded top lid with mesh net 
  • Velcro straps
  • Bolsa Keyboard Supply microfiber cloth
  • Bolsa Keyboard Supply rubber zipper tabs

Carrying case specifications:

  • Hard shell EVA case
  • Outside dimensions approx. 16x7x3 inches
  • Inner foam cut out dimensions: 13x4.5x1.5 inches

Keyboard should fit almost all 60/65% keyboards BESIDES the following:

  • Discipline65
  • Matrixlab Noah