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Bolsa 60/65% Keyboard Carrying Case

Bolsa 60/65% Keyboard Carrying Case



The Bolsa 60/65% Keyboard carrying case is meant to keep your keyboard safe during transportation or as a storage option when your device is not in use. The carrying case features a slimmer profile that makes it easy to store and smaller to transport in comparison to other cases in the market. 


  • Padded top lid with mesh net 
  • Velcro straps
  • Bolsa Keyboard Supply microfiber cloth
  • Bolsa Keyboard Supply rubber zipper tabs

Carrying case specifications:

  • Hard shell EVA case
  • Outside dimensions approx. 16x7x3 inches
  • Inner foam cut out dimensions: 13x4.5x1.5 inches

Keyboard should fit all 60/65% keyboards BESIDES the following:

  • Discipline65
  • Matrixlab Noah
  • RAMA M65-A
  • Gray Studio Space65

Information regarding B-Stock Cases: These cases are 100% functional and should work as intended; however they feature small defects that we deemed are not qualified to be sold as an A Stock unit. These defects include:

  • Scratches or marks on the oxford top layer
  • Bowing or bending of the lid (primarily towards the center)
  • Dents on corners

B Stock units may or may not also come with a microfiber cloth.