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Bolsa Dye Sub PBT Keycaps - Black on White

Bolsa Dye Sub PBT Keycaps - Black on White



We truly believe that there is no better looking keycap set than black on white. Seriously; BoW looks amazing on any board no matter what color it is. We know that sourcing a set of really high quality BoW keycaps is always a mission for the end user and we hope that delivering this product can alleviate some of that headache. 

Keycap specifications:

  • Cherry profile 
  • WS1 colored keycaps
  • 1.5mm thick PBT with high quality dye sub legends
  • 147 keys, supporting most popular layouts (104, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, etc.)
  • Each set also comes with a custom Bolsa Supply Novelty and a light blue 6u spacebar
  • Keycaps manufactured by GEEKARK