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BSUN Translucent Panda

BSUN Translucent Panda


You guys asked for it, and we're here to deliver.

Introducing the BSUN Translucent Panda switch! This idea first came to light way back before we even dropped our Polar Panda's when the lot of you had requested for something like this in our Discord. We immediately got in contact with BSUN about the idea and fast forward a few months later here we are with a 5-pin, translucent panda, ready to be built with Halo's and ready for all your RGB PCB's. 

NOTE: First product image shows a 3 pin switch and that is only because the samples we were provided were 3 pin. Image of the 5 pin switch is shown in the photo library. 

Switch Specifications:

  • A quantity of 1 = 10 switches.
  • Available in 62g and 67g spring rate configurations
  • 5 pin
  • Unlubed from the factory
  • Does NOT come with any halo stems of any kind. 

Group Buy Info:

  • GB Timeline: Till MOQ is reached
  • Minimum order qty is 7 (70 switches)
  • Do NOT combine this item with any other products on our website. If you do all other products combined in the order will be removed.
  • Lead time: 45-60 days from when GB ends
  • Due to this being a group buy, all orders are FINAL.