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BSUN/Yok Panda Switches

BSUN/Yok Panda Switches


The whole gang is here! We are excited to be able to provide all panda variants in stock and ready to ship. 

This is a reminder that this is 1/2 of the infamous Holy Panda, which will require a Halo True or Clear stem in order to complete the switch. 

Switch Specifications:

For all colors but trash:

  • Linear
  • 50g actuation
  • 60g bottom 
  • 3 pin configuration

Purple Trash Pandas

  • Tactile
  • 67g actuation
  • 70g bottom
  • 5 pin configuration

All switches are sold in packs of 10 

White, red, and mint say BSUN on the name plate. Polar, and trash say YOK on the name plate. Regardless of the name plate; they are all made by the same manufacture.