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Irezumi Deskmat

Irezumi Deskmat

Irezumi Deskmat


Our goal with BKS has always been to get into making custom products and designs to share with the community. With that being said I'd like to introduce our first custom deskmat dubbed the "Irezumi" Deskmat. 

The design of the deskmat hits very close to home with Bolsa - Irezumi is "tattoo" in Japanese and has a very distinct form of art. The art style featured in Irezumi is related to Asian culture and plays a large role in our culture and how we grew up. The design features a beautiful jade dragon with the iconic cloud and flower art featured in the background behind the dragon, and an all over lotus flower print running from edge to edge all on a beautiful, light tan. The katakana on the top left side corner spells out "Bolsa Keyboard"

Do not combine this product with any other products in your order. If you do the items in your order will automatically be removed. 

Limited to 1 per order

Deskmat Specifications:

  • 900x400x3mm
  • Fully stitched edges
  • Cloth top w/ rubber bottom