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Velocifire X KK Light Wave V2 Linear Switch

Velocifire X KK Light Wave V2 Linear Switch


Velocifire has come back with a new and improved KK Light Wave V2 switch, taking the V1 switch and implementing improvements and changes to create an even more fantastic linear switch!

The V2 uses a new mold which features a new slow-speed wire cutting technology which makes for a much more precise mold. This allows the positioning between each component to be more accurate and compact. The new mold also aids in greatly reducing the stem wobble between the upper and lower housings while also making the rails on the inner sides of the housings much more stable as well. Lastly, the inner molds have a full mirror polishing treatment, which makes the stem and inner housing much smoother; greatly reducing scratchiness between the stem and and housing. 

All in all, the KK Light Wave V2 is much smoother and more stable due to all the changes made in comparison to its V1 counterpart. 

Nathan's Twitch VOD building with these switches here

Switch Specifications:

  • 5 Pin Configuration
  • Gold Plated Spring
  • 4.0mm Travel
  • 2.00±0.5mm Actuation
  • 35GF Peak Force
  • 45±10GF Actuation
  • 65GF Bottom Out
  • Translucent PC housing
  • POM Stem

Group Buy Information:

  • Sold in packs of 10 with the minimum amount being 70 switches
  • GB Start: 12/29/2020 @ 5 PM PST
  • GB End: 1/13/2021 @ 5 PM PST
  • Estimated March 2021 Delivery
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  • Due to the nature of group buys, all sales are final. Please read everything on this product page carefully before deciding to purchase. 

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