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The Midway60 is the first board designed in house by Bolsa Supply. The goal Midway60 aims to achieve is extremely simple: to look, sound, and feel good. Midway60 is essentially a combination of features and aspects that we as keyboard enthusiasts like in keyboards. 60% layout, flex, and o-ring sandwich gasket because of the sound signature that it provides.

The name convention is not related to keyboards, but holds meaning to us and Bolsa as a brand. Being deeply rooted here in Westminster CA, there is a city named Midway City in which Bolsa Avenue (where the brand name comes from) is the main street.

Midway city; Midway60. 


Design Highlights

• Exaggerated seam
• Front/rear slant on the top and bottom side of the case
• Enlarged o-ring channels on the interior to accommodate the usage of screw-in stabilizers
• Low front height due to slant at 13.75mm from tip of angle (17.75mm from highest point of slant)

Board Details

• 60% Layout, available in WK, WKL, and HHKB.
• 7 degree typing angle
• Materials: Anodized Aluminum (6063) chassis, brass weight
• Color options: Black, Gray, and Navy
• Plate Options: Aluminum, Polycarbonate (full & half variants)
• PCB: 60% Solder PCB using an Ai03 styled Daughterboard (center USB). Designed by FJLabs.
• Mounting Method: O-Ring Sandwich Mount utilizing a AS568-262 O-Ring. 
• Roughly 1.5kg fully built

Color Options

Jet Black

Iron Gray

Deep Navy

Limited Edition

We are excited to announce that the Midway60 will come in a limited variant, dubbed Midway60 LE.

Midway60 LE will feature a unique obsidian colorway that provides a very deep purple/gray tint depending on the lighting situation. The LE variant will also sport a copper weight versus the standard brass weight.

The LE edition will be limited to 20 units.

General Information

Sales Format

The Midway60 will be sold as a raffle. Participants will fill out a form with all their information as well as board configurations. Winners will be selected within 24 hours after the raffle deadline and will receive an invoice from us.

Orders not paid within 24 hours will be canceled and spots will be re-raffled. 

Availability and Lead Time

We are keeping it limited not for the sake of exclusivity, but because this is our first board group buy. As with any first time project we want to make sure we are not biting more than we can chew and that this group buy goes as smoothly as it possibly can for a 2 man team.

Lead times are projected to be 5-8 months from end of GB to shipping to customers. 

Pricing & Unit Count

Standard edition: $370 / 125 spots
Limited Edition: $425 / 20 spots

Prices do not including shipping or tax (if applicable).

Raffle Date

Limited Edition: 7/16/2021 @ 12:00 PM PST.

Standard Edition: 7/19/2021 @ 12:00 PM PST

Sound Test (Retooled Black)

Sound Tests (JWK Tropical)

Special thanks to our designer N.Rdy, our affiliates, and of course to everyone who has supported Bolsa Supply to get to where we are today. Without any of you this project would not exist and an endeavor like this may not have become a reality; so from the bottom of our heart - thank you!