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PBT WoB Hiragana

PBT WoB Hiragana



Introducing our first set with Milkyway Keycaps: PBT WoB Hiragana. The aim of this set was to fill the void of what we saw was a missing piece in the community: a high quality WoB PBT set with hiragana sublegends.

We worked extensively with Milkyway to bring the highest quality WoB PBT set possible, placing a large emphasis on making the keycaps as close to a true black as possible (which has always been a challenge with PBT) while maintaining clean and crisp legends. 

Keycap Specs

  • Full reverse dye sub PBT Keycaps by Milkyway
  • Support for various, popular layouts (60/65/80/100/Alice)
  • Bolsa Supply logomark artisan included in all sets


    This product contains photos that are meant for illustration purposes only. Product in person may have a slight variance in color. Product images shown are taken in our specific lighting setting, and may differ slightly from what you see in person depending on the lighting situation you are in. 

    B-Stock Defects: B-Stock refers to the initial first batch with misaligned legends. The amount of misalignment will vary from set to set, but will be present. Besides legend misalignment, both sets are the same. 

    All sales are final.