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10/23/2020 - Massive Updates & Announcements!

Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

hola amigos and amigas, weird that we're throwin out an update on a Friday when usually we do it on Monday, but whatever cause we are here to hit you guys with a big update. We have been working behind the scenes on a lot of projects and we want to begin shedding some light on some of these cool things we have been working on. 

First lets get some updates out of the way


Tropical Collection

We are happy to announce that Tropical switch will be transitioning from a Group Buy to a Pre-Order! We have already moved forward in getting these switches manufactured and JWK is now currently in color matching phase. We will be expecting samples from these soon!

All Deskmats

Irezumi Deskmat: We are waiting to receive them and they should show up to our door within the next few weeks. Once we receive them we will immediately begin shipping out all group buy orders. There will be a small extras sale after all group buy orders are shipped.

Bride of Darkness: Manufacturing has begun and should be shipped out within the next few weeks.

King of LA Deskmat: The stripes on the edges were extremely finicky to work with, but after multiple revisions we finally got it down and the deskmats have just begun the manufacturing process. We will provide more updates as we receive them. 


With all the updates out of the way, lets get into some good stuff. 


Polar Panda's are over...what's next?

This is an exciting one. Seeing as we have been working with BSUN on the Mint, Polar, and Red Pandas we recently sold, it only made sense to do something cool. Well, we've heard you guys and we are extremely excited to announce that we will be running a group buy on custom clear housing 5-pin BSUN Pandas. 

We know this has done before, but numbers are small and we're here to bring it back with a few twists. We will be using BSUN's new 5 pin mold and we are opting for 63.5g springs which seems to be the most popular choice for building Holy Pandas. This will give you a 5 pin, translucent housing holy panda. Yes!!!!

We are waiting for BSUN to finalize the mold this week and will have samples made and shipped the week after. We are hoping to start this group buy late November.

New Irezumi Deskmats?

Again...WE HEAR YOU GUYS!! We have gotten so many inquiries about our Irezumi deskmat we dropped back in early September and whether we are going to be bringing it back, recoloring the original design, or doing another round and honestly it means a lot to hear that you guys truly enjoyed this first deskmat design of ours. 

As stated above ^^ we will be doing an extras sale on the Irezumi deskmat. In addition to that, we will be dropping a new Irezumi collection. Working with the same artist, we are going to be releasing 3 different deskmat designs as apart of this new collection, and we think you guys will really, really enjoy it. 

We plan on dropping this group buy AFTER all original Irezumi deskmat group buy orders have shipped and all extras have been sold. We will also be slowly dropping the designs in our #teaser section on Discord so definitely be on the look out for that!

Okay, so what's up with the "coming soon" and blurry :greenguy: image in #teasers on discord?

If it isn't clear already, yes we are in the process of making our own board. Yes, it is going to be absolutely sweet. 

More details to come within the following weeks. 


This just about wraps it up for major project announcements, lets talk about some smaller projects we have in the works



We've mentioned this one before, but we've partnered with FJLabs to make a universal, tray mount 65% hotswap PCB. We definitely feel like there is a bit of a shortage in the 65% PCB lineup even though its a size that is getting increasingly popular each and every day (arrow key gang rise up).

The PCB will feature:

  • Kailh Hotswap sockets
  • QMK & VIA compatibility
  • Underglow
  • some cool bolsa branding

We are currently wrapping up prototype phase and hope to place an order on these boards soon. 

Carrying Case

Our carrying case is almost done with manufacturing and will be shipped out within the next week. We will launch a preorder on this carrying case soon! 

The case will be priced at $29.99.


Well that just about wraps it up for this hell of an update. We hope you guys are excited as we are about everything cool we have planned from now till the end of the year. As always feel free to message us about anything on Discord.


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