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6/7/2021 Update - Product Updates, 1 Year Anniversary + More

Posted by CMSP Huncho on

It has been a while since we have last posted an update here on the website! Primary reason is we have been pushing all of our updates on Discord so if you haven't joined yet make sure to join by using this link here

Regardless, June is a big month for us and we have a ton planned for you guys! First let us jump into product and group buy updates.

Ongoing GB's:

  • Ink Blossom Deskmat: Currently being manufactured. Expected to finish and ship to us this month. 
  • Zaku Switch Pre-Order: Expected to be delivered to our office early this week

Incoming Products:

  • 60/65% FR4 Half Plates: Samples currently being manufactured
  • Wagara Mini Deskmats: Being shipped to us now, full sized will be opened as a group buy to go alongside the in-stock mini deskmats.
  • 60/65% V2 Carrying Case


  • Kailh Black Switches
  • SPRiT Springs

That will just about wrap it up for product and GB updates. Again; all this info is provided immediately on Discord so if you have no joined yet I highly recommend it to stay up to date with everything Bolsa related!

Midway60 Update

The Midway60 is coming along very nicely. At the moment the board design has been fully finalized and is ready to move forward with the sale. The only thing we are waiting for are review units that we can send out to the content creators we planned on working with before we start the actual raffle itself. We are hoping to have these units by the end of this month so we can proceed with a July raffle. 

1 Year Anniversary

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up! We started Bolsa June 18th, 2020 out of my own bedroom and its growth has been massive to say the least and it wouldn't have been possible without your guys support! To thank each and every one of you, we have decided to bring back a few popular items as group buys as well as run a series of giveaways.

Group Buys:

  • Irezumi B + W: Open for 24 hours 6/11/2021 @ 12:00 PM PST
  • Irezumi R1 Group Buy: Open for 30 minutes 6/18/2021 @ 12:00 PM PST
  • Irezumi R2 Group Buy: Open for 30 minutes 6/19/2021 @ 12:00 PM PST


  • 100x Zaku Switches
  • 100x Tropical Switches
  • 100x Panda Switches (your choice of polar, mint, red, or translucent)
  • 1x Irezumi R1
  • 1x Irezumi R2
  • 3x Irezumi B + W (1x of each design, 3 winners)
  • 1x Midway60 Production Sample (will be fully built on stream)

Stream Event

On June 26th, we will be having a live stream at the Bolsa Supply HQ on Twitch! We will have some of our affiliates and friends here at the office running the live stream so you can see a few of your favorite streamers all together in one place. We will be building a few boards on stream as well as running tons of giveaways so make sure to tune in!

Whose Attending:

  • Kimchijodyboi
  • Timkeyless
  • Gymleadernathann
  • Xinxingwong
  • Susboards
  • Winter (Mechgroupbuys)

That will just about wrap it up for todays update! Thank you for taking the time to read this and again, for more frequent updates make sure to join our Discord!

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