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3/3/2021 Update - New Projects, Products, Group Buy Updates, & More!

Posted by CMSP Huncho on

Long time no update! This update is going to be a direct copy and paste from our email, so if you aren't signed up on for our newsletter you can read it here!

We have quite a few new product updates to announce to all of you guys in case you have not been keeping up with our Discord! Alongside product updates, there are updates regarding the status of group buys that have happened on Bolsa as well as new projects!




  • BKS65 PCB's are now in production. We have made a few small changes to the PCB, such as relocating the underglow LED's to diffuse better, as well as adding LED's to the sides of the board to get better lighting along the side edges. Also, we have trimmed down the sides of the PCB by about .5mm so you find the PCB to be as tight of a fit within the Tofu, and it can fit other boards such as the Rama M65-A (with modifications tot he cutout port). 
  • We are expected to receive the PCB sometime late March, and hope to have it up on the website early April.

Panda Switches

  • Panda's are coming back! This time, we are very excited to announce that the Panda's will now be coming in 5 pin variants. We know that the 3 pin has always been a weak point in the Panda switch, and we are happy to say that this issue is now rectified and we will be the first vendor to carry these 5 pin panda switches.
  • We will be receiving the switches in the mint, polar, red, and original white colorways. 

Switch Lubricant

  • We are going to be restocking GPL 106 very soon as this is the one lubricant that we have been out of for a bit of time. We also recently freshened up on our stock of 205g0 as well!

New Products

Irezumi R2 Deskmat

Bolsa MNML Deskmats

  • These deskmats were originally teased in our Discord server about a month back. In case you haven't seen it here is the link to them: Hexagons, Peaks
  • These are slated for sometime April.

BKS65 Solder PCB

  • In addition to the BKS65 hotswap PCB, we are going to be introducing a new BKS65 solder variant as well! This PCB will be great for those who want to really get the full custom building experience, or are looking for a more affordable alternative.
  • This PCB will be released sometime late April.

Universal 65% Plates

  • Alongside the BKS65 line of PCBs, we are also going to be stocking universal plates as well!
  • We are initially going to stock FR4 and Carbon fiber plates, then expand the line into aluminum and brass as well.
  • Since the plates are designed in house and manufactured directly for us, expect some awesome pricing on these
  • The FR4 and Carbon Fiber plates are slated for April.

SPRiT Springs

  • We are very excited to be a new retailer for SPRiT Springs. Based out of South Korea, SPRiT Springs are known for their extremely high quality aftermarket switch spring, and innovations for various solutions that can offer an extremely unique typing experience.
  • We are stocking the MX Supreme springs first in 63.5g, 68g, and 72g. We will expand the line with slow extreme and progressive springs in the future along with more weight options.
  • These springs are expected to be sold within the next week or two.

Bolsa Braided USB-C Cable

  • Not much to say on this one...its a braided USB-C cable. Great to be used as a back up because lets be honest, we have all been in the situation where having a spare USB-C cable would have came in super clutch.
  • Expected to be sold sometime April.

Upcoming Projects

New BSUN Panda Colorway

    • We are planning on introducing a new colorway to the spectacular Panda switch lineup!
    • We are currently sampling the switch with BSUN already, and should be receiving our sample within the next few weeks in which we can reveal it to you guys.
    • The color will be an opaque colorway and will use the same materials as the current BSUN/Yok Pandas, except it will be 5 pin and possibly a different spring rate.

    New Gateron Ink Colorway

    • We are also working with Gateron to produce a new Ink colorway. Everything is kept under wraps for the time being, but this switch will be introduced after the new BSUN Panda colorway.

    Corners Deskmat by @big.keebs

      • Big.keebs Simple Succulent deskmat saw fantastic success in its group buy, and we are pleased to announce his next collection called Corners.
      • This group buy is slated for sometime March-April. We will provide more updates in our Discord!

      Irezumi Akarui/Kurai Mizu Deskmats

      • Continuing in the Irezumi deskmat collection, we have two brand new designs in the works. This time the theme will be revolved around water, featuring water-related elements and themes.
      • Just like Irezumi B + W, this will be an open group buy for a very short time window (5-7 days)
      • Group buy date is TBD, but we are thinking of revealing it in April, and running the group buy in May or June.

      Bolsa Board

      • Man does it feel like R&D takes forever. We are getting close to the finish line and will be revealing details on our first board. Please stay tuned!

      Current Group Buy Status

      • Irezumi B + W: If you haven't been following our Discord, the latest update would be that the shipment has been stuck at port for about a month now unfortunately. With some of the biggest congestion the port has ever seen, we don't know when UPS will be picking up our B + W order and all we can ask for is your patience. We deeply apologize for the delay.
      • Velocifire x KK Light Wave V2 Switch: Currently in production, it should be shipping out to us soon.
      • Gateron Lion Switch: Currently in Color matching phase
      • Simple Succulent Deskmat: Doing a few minor tweaks to the samples to ensure the colors match up. Production should begin within the next week or so.

      Thank you so much for reading through out update! We know it was a lot to read but with so much going on the wall of text was a bit inevitable. Of course if you haven't already, please follow us on our socials and join our Discord for frequent updates of everything that was discussed above 



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