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1/28/2020 - Current & Upcoming Projects, Affiliates, & More!

Posted by CMSP Huncho on

woooo it has been a while since our last website update but we have some stuff going on for you guys lets jump right into it shall we!

Current Groupbuys

We are happy to say that we have shipped almost all group buy products up till this date! Current products we are waiting for and its current status are:
  • Tropical switches: Should be shipping to us before Chinese New Years according to JWK
  • Irezumi B + W: These deskmats shipped out earlier this month but it takes about 1-1.5 months to receive them from when they are shipped out. When we receive the order we will let everyone know!

We also have some groupbuys that just happened/are about to end which would be the following:

  • Velocifire x KK Light Wave V2 switches: Production has already started, but due to CNY there may be a slight delay on these. 
  • Gateron Lion: The GB ends THIS WEEK on Sunday, Jan 31st!

With that being said I would like to point over to planned products and groupbuys for the month of Februrary-March.

In Stock Products

We have a few products planned to be put as in stock for the month of Februrary. Here is what we have rollin' out:

  • All colored pandas
  • 62g & 67g translucent pandas
  • 65% plates (which we actually already stocked yesterday)
  • Switch films (stocked yesterday with the plates)
  • Tropical deskmats
  • Tropical switches (that is, if the order is shipped by CNY.)

Upcoming Group buys

  • big.keebs Simple Succulent deskmat GB will be going live February 1st @ 12:00 PM PST! Here is the IC post on Reddit for images.
  • OG Irezumi R2 will be happening sometime between February and March. The redesign was finished yesterday and we are extremely excited to share it with you guys. The design retains a lot of the same elements as R1 but is still very different; making it a very unique piece in comparison to the original. We know a lot of people will have wanted the first design run again, but we want to keep that design solely for those who purchased an R1 deskmat. However, we hope the new redesign can be a welcomed change that can enlighten both R1 deskmat owners and potentially new owners alike. This is going to be another limited sale with slightly higher numbers than the OG Irezumi. More updates to come!

Upcoming Products/Projects

We have quite a few new projects and products that we are going to be coming forth with that we would love to inform you guys about!

Starting off with some new in house products; we have been working hard on making our own products that we can sell. We are having these products made in house and will be a line of full fledged Bolsa Supply products. Doing this allows us to provide you guys with common keyboard necessities at a low cost while maintaining the quality you'd expect and deserve! Here is what we have in store:

  • Screw in stabilizers
  • 60/65% plates (FR4, aluminum, brass, CF)
  • 65% solder PCB
  • 60% hotswap & solder PCB
  • BoW & WoB keycaps (read below)

Quickly touching up on the last mentioned product, I know we originally stocked BoW Bolsa PBT Keycaps made by GEEKARK; and while they were fantastic; they were pricey and had a bit of controversy behind them as GEEKARK keycaps were originally sold for much cheaper in China. The issue is we didn't get them for much cheaper than what we purchased it for; thus explaining the price. We are already in the works of seeking out new PBT keycap manufactures (we actually are already in discussion with one potential manufacture) that can provide very similar quality at a much lower price point. This means we can provide you guys with quality keycaps at a much lower cost (which is really the whole goal of this project anyways). As soon as we have more updates on this we will definitely let you guys know!

There is currently no expected release date for any of these products, but we are aiming to begin rolling out some of these products by Q2.

Custom Keyboard Kit

We aren't ready to share details on this just yet but we will soon we promise!

Bolsa Supply Affiliates

Lastly, I'd like to announce that we finally have some affiliates on board with Bolsa Supply! These are all content creators that we have been following closely before reaching out to them. These individuals are seriously making absolutely killer content and we wouldn't have chosen them to work with us if that wasn't the case, so definitely check them out when you have the chance!


KatanaKaji (LATAM)


Filled Types

Alrighty that just about wraps it up for todays update! As always please join our Discord for more frequent updates and we'll catch ya guys on the next one!

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