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Posted by CMSP Huncho on

Long time no chat! We have been posting updates less frequently on our website as general updates have been going on our Discord (a sign that you should join if you want the latest news as fast as possible).

Todays update will go in depth with current statuses of group buys as well as what we have planned moving forward. 

Group Buy Update

Bride of Darkness - All orders have shipped, and extras have been listed up on our website. These deskmats had a small printing error (GB purchasers were already aware of this) so they are discounted on our website right now. If you missed out on the group buy and want an opportunity to grab these deskmats at a lower price now is your chance!

Link to purchase here

Tropical Switches - JWK's production queue is really backed up which is why there has been some delays, but we are starting to see the finish line. We have gone through two rounds of color revisions due to the color matching not being up to par which is why these switches are taking so long; but their most recent color match was very close and the next revision (which should be done t his week), should be the winner. After color matching is finished production will begin immediately.

We are expecting to have these switches shipped out before Chinese New Years but there are no promises. 

Tropical Deskmats - These will be here a little before the switches are; so customers who ordered the deskmats alone will receive them first. 

Translucent Pandas - We have received our shipment and have begun the inventory process on them. We are hoping to begin fulfilling these switches within the next week or two! Extras will be live shortly after. 

Irezumi B + W - Production on these deskmats have finished and are being boxed up and sent over this week. Shipping is still a bit crazy post Holiday but it should start to die down; but we don't expect to see these deskmats for another 4-5 weeks minimum. We will let everyone know when they have arrived!

Current and Upcoming Projects

Current GB's

Velocifire x KK Light Wave V2 Switches - Group buy has started on these as of last week and will be going on until 1/13. We will be hosting a giveaway on the MechGroupBuys Discord server today so tune into participate when it drops!

Gateron Lion - The KS3 based switch designed by Kastorborous has begun and will run for 1 month.

Upcoming GB's and Projects

In Stock Panda - We will be restocking more panda's closer towards the end of the month. We will drop a notification on our Discord if you want to be alerted when they drop. 

Succulent Deskmats by JerkyHobo - We will begin the group buy on these deskmats Late January/Early February. Head over to the Reddit IC to learn more about these adorable deskmats!

OG Irezumi R2 - We have already worked out a new "iteration" for the OG Irezumi R2. Significant changes will be made to separate the R2 from R1, but overall design theme and direction will be the same (changes will consist of things like color, elements, etc.)

New Irezumi Concept - We are working on a new Irezumi concept as well that we hope to have ready Q2 2021. This will be a 2 design concept (two different deskmats) and we plan on making this a limited release similar to the first Irezumi as well. 

Keyboard - We are making strides in our first, in house designed board. We are so excited to share this with you guys and we hope to release more details on this project this month. 

New/Restocked Product

We have some in stock product that we have already ordered/plan on ordering within the next month of so. Here is an updated list on everything in stock related:

  • Retooled Cherry MX Black - Ordered (now in 5 pin instead of 3 pin)
  • Durock Stabilizers (V2) - Planned
  • BoW Keycaps - Planned
  • Switch Film - Planned
  • Bolsa Branded Switch Openers - Sampling Phase

Yeeeeew thats it for the website update. If you guys have any questions feel free to reach out to us on Discord! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas/New Years and we'll catch you guys later, peace!


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