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11/29/2020 Update

Posted by CMSP Huncho on

Hey guys, haven't posted up a recent update do to all the craziness that has been surrounding Bolsa Supply as of late. Lets jump right into the update now shall we!

BSUN Translucent Pandas

The group buy for the translucent panda's have been going extremely well. We surpassed our original MOQ by day 3 of the GB but we decided to let the GB run for a full week to let those who didn't have the opportunity to purchase get in on this awesome switch. We made the mistake of ending Polar Pandas immediately after we reached MOQ and this prevented a lot of people from purchasing. 

With that being said the group buy does end 12/2/2020 @ 12:00 PM PST, so make sure to get your order in before then!

Irezumi B + W Deskmat Collection

Irezumi B + W has been extremely successful, and is our largest deskmat GB to date. We want to sincerely apologize to all our international folks for the extremely high shipping cost - we know it hurts and to prevent this in the future we have already begun working out a list of proxies for future GB's. 

The group buy for these deskmats end tomorrow, 11/30/2020 @ 12:00 PM PST so make sure to get in on this before its too late! We plan on having some extras after the sale, but it will be extremely, extremely limited quantities. 

December Plans

We have a few different projects and plans we are rolling out for the month of December; here is a look into what we have in store as well as updates on other misc. projects.

65% Carrying Case - These cases were supposed to have touched down at the port of Long Beach yesterday; and it is now a matter of just waiting for UPS to pick up the package and deliver it to us. 

BKS65 PCB - Our sample units have passed our inspection with flying colors, and we are going to be producing these PCB's this week. (Currently typing this update on a Tofu65 built with our BKS65 PCB prototype!)

(our sample units feature our old logo style, but the production units will have our new logo printed on the board.)

Bolsa PBT BoW Keycap Set - These keycaps are being shipped out to us as we speak, and they look awesome! Here is a cool sneak peek:

Panda restock - We are going to be doing a restock on polar pandas and adding in the original white pandas and trash pandas. 

EDIT: Restock situation on Panda's is tentative. It will happen but may happen a little bit later than planned. 

Deskmats - We have a few new deskmat designs that will be introduced in December. Our goal is to eventually stock up on a few designs that we can carry in stock at all times on our shop, and some of these designs will be showcased this month. 

Misc. Restocked Products -

  • Milky Yellow
  • Retooled Blacks (may not have this in time for this month...but they are coming) 

That will wrap up the update for this week. Thanks for tuning in everyone!

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