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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Quick update regarding whats new here at BKS:

Yok Mint Panda GB is officially done! We reached a little bit over 100% MOQ and we couldn't have done it without you guys. We are already in coordination with BSUN getting the order ready as soon as possible so we can get these switches out to all of you guys. We will be pushing out consistent updates in the Discord regarding anything related to this GB. 

As for new inventory, we are restocking KBD67 Hotswap foams this week as well as a small restock on GMK space bar foam. Switches and EPBT keycaps are still on the way as well but are goin' through snail mail so its definitely taking some time to show up but hopefully it will be here soon. 

Lastly, we are still waiting to hear back on lube, so nothing new in that regards. Hopefully soon though!

That wraps up this update. Again if you guys haven't joined our Discord definitely do so to stay up to date with everything new here at Bolsa Keyboard Supply. Peace!

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