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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Hello amigos, another update here.

I wanted to provide an update regarding the Yok Mint Panda GB that just ended last week. 

Like I had mentioned before, I was planning on beating the original 45-60 day lead time to get these switches manufactured and I am happy to say that I have accomplished that. BSUN notified me that production has already finished and that they are packaging it and sending it to me, meaning I am hoping to receive the order by next week. Here are some teaser pics BSUN sent me the other day:

Fulfillment time is still up in the air. We're a small team preparing to ship out tens of thousands of individual switches to hundreds of different customers. As soon as we receive the package we will begin packaging and shipping. 

With that also being said it would be a good time now to mention that we did indeed order extras that will be in stock and ready to ship out. These extras will go up on the website after all the GB orders have been fulfilled, and there will be a very small increase in price in comparison to the GB price. 

That wraps up the Yok Mint Panda update, and now moving on to other misc. updates:

  • In terms of stock, we are still waiting on our small shipment of EPBT to arrive so I am hoping those show up to our door any minute now. 
  • Gateron Milky Yellow switches absolutely flew and are almost out of stock. We plan on replenishing in the future but grab your set now if you haven't had the chance yet because we aren't exactly sure when we will be restocking. 
  • We just recently provided some teaser pics of our carrying case prototype. The carrying case at the moment is for 60-65% only but we plan on expanding to 75%-TKL depending on how successful this case is. The case in the pictures is just a first round prototype and revisions have already been sent to the manufacture. I will be receiving a second round prototype within a few weeks and if that checks out, production will start. Quantities will be limited and we will provide more updates regarding the case as it gets closer to official production. 
  • We want to hear what you guys want to see in the BKS product line up. If there are any products that you would like to see up in the shop, let us know.

That wraps it up for this update. As always join our Discord for more frequent updates. Peace

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