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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

whas good y'all

Back at ya with another update

In Stock Products

  • We are definitely running low on foams. Stupidfish1 is currently in the processing of moving and we are hoping to get a restock within the next 2 or so weeks. Restock will include KBD67, Drop Alt, and GMK Space bar foam.
  • ePBT has arrived (finally). Our shipment was stuck at the port for about a month and finally showed up. The selection is small but we will be carrying ePBT ABS WoB and both white & black blank keycap sets. We are hoping to expand the ABS selection into Olivetti and Dolch depending on the success of these keycaps. Our current stock will go live later this week.
  • Retooled Cherry MX Blacks are en route to us and should be expecting them within the next few weeks
  • Gateron Milky Yellow, Black, Red, and Blue are ordered and we are waiting for them to arrive. We may stock Milky Yellows again first as those tend to come around quicker. 


  • We will be the groupbuy vendor for the FJ60BLX PCB made by GH user Fjen. Details regarding the product located here
  • If you have been following the Discord, you will know that we will be running another panda group buy soon. It will obviously not be mint, and there will be some cool surprises that comes with this GB. We are aiming to launch sometime early September. Updates will always be posted on Discord.


  • Carrying cases are currently on its 2nd round of prototypes and should be sent to me soon. If the prototype is approved manufacturing will begin and we should receive them 3-4 weeks from when manufacturing starts. Once manufacturing starts we will release all the info revolving around it, including pre-order details (NOT a group buy since this is a fully funded project.)
  • We are currently working on our first desk mat that we are extremely excited to soon reveal the artwork for. It is still a major work in progress and as soon as we have any updates on it we will post it on Discord.

That wraps it up for this update. As always if you haven't joined our Discord please do so as that is where all updates will be posted up as soon as they come by.

Stay safe!

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