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Yok Polar Panda Group Buy Information

Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Here is the long awaited information regarding our next Panda Group Buy!

Originally we were planning on doing a Holy Polar Panda variant but after consulting with our audience again we decided to switch the group buy back to regular Yok Polar Panda Switches!

These switches will be manufactured by BSUN, and will be run very similarly to how the Yok Mint Panda group buy was ran. 

Information regarding the group buy:

  • Just like Mint Pandas, MOQ is 50k and as soon as MOQ is hit, we're capping off the GB.
  • Minimum order quantity is 70 and can increase in increments of 10's. 
  • Price will be the same as the Yok Mint Panda's at $0.55/switch.
    • We are opening up this group buy internationally again, so all our international pals can enjoy a set of Polar Pandas as well
    • Unlike the mint panda GB, we are allowing a 24 hour cancellation period if you do decide to opt out. After 24 hours your order will be locked in and you will not be eligible for any order cancellation/refund.
    • Lead time will be 45-60 days after group buy is finished, then about 1 week to ship everything out once we receive it. (Please don’t expect Mint Panda levels of turn around time, but if we can make it happen we will). If there are any delays, we will of course let you guys know.
    • Group buy will start on Friday 9/4/2020 @ 12:00 PM PDT. 

    And lastly, here are the switch specs:

    • 50g actuation
    • 60g bottom out
    • 3 Pin Configuration
    • Unlubed from factory (of course)

    We are so damn excited for this group buy and we hope you all are too!

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