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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Hello friends,

Here are some updates and news revolving around BKS.

Yok Polar Panda GB

The polar panda group buy was an absolute success. We ended up selling a little over the 50k MOQ in less than 3 days. For comparison, the Yok Mint Panda GB took about 3 weeks to complete; so you can see how much Bolsa Keyboard Supply has grown since (especially in such a short amount of time). Its thanks to your guys' support and trust in us that we were able to conquer such a group buy in such a short amount of time.

We have already placed the order with BSUN, and its looking like the lead time is about 3-4 weeks. As soon as we get production updates we will definitely notify everyone.

Irezumi Deskmat

Our Irezumi deskmat got tons of fantastic feedback from users in our Discord, and it even made its way into discussion within other Discords as well which is unbelievable for us. 

Samples from a few different manufactures should be arriving this week, in which we will be evaluating the quality amongst each deskmat manufacture. Once we have evaluated which manufacture looks the best, we will begin the group buy.

Group buy details are not fully set in stone, but it will be a limited group buy with around ~100 spots, give or take a few extra. Its our first deskmat group buy and we want to ensure that it goes smoothly, reducing any room for error, which is why the quantity is limited. More details to come within the following week.

BKS Carrying Case

We received our 2nd prototype, and unfortunately we still need to make a few more adjustments to make sure the case is up to our standards. Our manufacture is working on making these adjustments as we speak and should hopefully ship out our 3rd and final prototype within the next week or two. If this next prototype checks all the boxes for us, we will begin pre-order (NOT a group buy!)

Etc. news

  • FJ60BLX by FJLabs is currently being worked on and should be ready for group buy nearing the end of this month or next month. 
  • More lube is coming to the shop! We did a small run of 205g0 which has been doing very well; so expect more lube to come within the next few weeks.
  • We are looking to fill up the shop with more misc. goodies, including our own branded switch pullers, switch openers etc. Updates on this to come over the next few weeks. 

This just about wraps it up for this weeks update. We will most likely post up another update within the next week or so regarding current projects, and maybe some new projects too. We'll see.

Thanks for the support everybody!


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