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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Hey guys, quick update on whats going on here at BKS this week.

Yok Polar Panda 

I had gotten notice from BSUN that they are trying to have the order shipped by 9/30 since they are on holiday from 10/1-10/8. That being said this is still not guaranteed and it is best to hope for the best but expect the worst. As soon as we receive the order we will do a stock count to ensure there aren't any errors and then begin fulfillment. More updates on fulfillment when we receive the order.

Irezumi Deskmat

We received tremendous support on the deskmat and it is our fastest item to sell out on the store to date. In terms of production we are waiting on our last samples which should come in this week; then production will start. Lead time is still set to be about 60 days from when the group buy ended and any updates we receive on our end will be posted on Discord. 

BKS Carrying Case

Not much to update on this other than we are still waiting on our 3rd prototype which should be shipped to us this week. If the 3rd prototype is at our standard then we will begin production immediately and then launch pre-order (different from a group buy because production will already start by the time the pre-order starts). Production time is said to be about 30 days. 

Plans for the upcoming weeks

We are working hard to constantly pump out new products for you guys to enjoy. Currently on the list we are working on a few things; details for each will roll out within the next few weeks-month. 

  • New deskmat designs from both BKS and community members
  • More switch lube (205g0, 3204, 3203)
  • BKS branded switch pullers & switch opener
  • Custom switch (????)
  • Other cool stuff that we dont feel like talking about just yet

Lastly, I want to mention again that we are looking to dive into the GB vendor space so again, if you guys have any cool ideas or products that you'd like to see become a reality we can definitely assist you with that! If you are interested feel free to send us a DM on Discord or send us an email at or send me a message on reddit u/cmsp914

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