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Posted by Bolsa Keyboard Supply on

Weekly update on current projects with Bolsa Keyboard Supply as well as new products coming into the shop:

Yok Polar Panda

We received news that unfortunately BSUN may not be able to finish production before 9/30 so there will be a small delay. We are hoping that production will finish shortly after the holiday (10/1-10/8) and will make its way to us sometime mid October. As we get new production updates we will let you guys know. 

Irezumi Deskmat

Production has already started but again, due to the holiday in China we may experience potential delays. Any new updates we get we will relay over to you guys. 

New Products & Projects

Currently we have a few new products in the pipeline that we are working on. We are hoping to have these products ready within the upcoming months. 

  • Irezumi Deskmat Collection
  • Due to the positive feedback and support we received on the Irezumi deskmat, we are happy to announce that we are working with the same designer to create not just another design, but three new designs that will be grouped together in a collection. This collection will be an open group buy so it should be much easier to purchase than the first Irezumi deskmat.
  • More information on this collection to come within the upcoming weeks. 


  • BKS65 PCB (Name Tentative)
  • We have partnered with FJLabs to create a feature packed - entry level 65% PCB aimed towards newcomers and enthusiasts alike. It will feature the common tray mount design so it should work in most 65% tray mount cases and sports popular features such as Kailh hotswap sockets, QMK/VIA, and more
  • More information on this product to come within the upcoming weeks.


  • Switches
  • This will be kept mostly under wraps, but we have lots of very exciting things happening in this department that we hope you guys can start getting excited about too. Expect to hear more about the projects we have going on within the next few weeks. 


  • Etc.
  • The final revision for the BKS carrying case prototype should arrive this week. We are feeling confident that this prototype will end up being the production sample, so expect production to begin shortly. 
  • Misc. BKS items such as our BKS branded switch pullers have began production. 
  • 3203, 3204, and 205g0 lube is all currently en route to the HQ. 
  • Expect more EPBT coming your way! We are hoping to stock in some of their PBT keycap sets this time; so expect some new offerings from EPBT within the next few months. 

That wraps it up for this weeks project-focused update. Lots of stuff to get excited for (we have other projects that aren't even mentioned in this update) and we hope you guys are excited to see what we have coming out as we are to tell you guys about it. 

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