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good morning yall

Short and quick update for you guys this week. China is on holiday from 10/1-10/8 so its going to be a real slow time for us storefront wise; but as always we're using this time to really focus on major projects we plan on dropping Q4.

Yok Polar Pandas

In my last update I had mentioned that BSUN was not able to make the cut off before the holiday, but I was told this past weekend that they were able to finish production and are sending the package out for fulfillment. However; from what I've heard most fulfillment centers are filled to the brim and are not guaranteeing packages to be sent out before the holiday starts so again there is no guarantee that the order will be shipped out before 10/1 but we can confirm that production is indeed going to be finished before then. 

People have been asking if we will have extras like we did with the mint pandas. We should have more than enough to run a decent extras sale so be on the look out for that when all the GB orders are fulfilled. 

Bride of Darkness Deskmat

BoD deskmat just dropped on Friday and is going to be running until 10/9! We have received a lot of strong support for our first artist collab deskmat and are very excited to continue working with you guys.

If any artist wants to collab with us definitely send us an email or PM us on Discord! 

BKS Carrying Case

After numerous rounds of revisions and prototyping, production has finally started! Lead time is 30 days and shipping will probably be about another 30. 

The case should fit most 60 and 65%'s but because we wanted the case form factor to be as small as possible while retaining the maximum level of protection; wider 65% cases such as the MatrixLab Noah and Discipline will not fit. The case will fit 65%'s sized up to a Savage65/Iron165. 


  • Big Gateron Milky Yellow restock to hit the store in October
  • Switch lube will be at the office this week (3203, 3204, and 205g0)
  • BKS branded switch pullers have shipped out
  • Kelowna switch film will be added onto the website this week 

That will wrap it up for this weeks updates. October is going to be a big month with a LOT of big announcements so stay tuned!

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