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Website + Brand Refresh: Welcome to Bolsa Supply!

Posted by CMSP Huncho on

Heya friends!

This is definitely exciting for us. When we created Bolsa Keyboard Supply back in June we never expected it to become what it has become today. We were just two keyboard enthusiasts looking to make supplies more available to everyone while being able to supply ourselves with these things too (literally every single Durock stabilizer retailer was out of stock at this time...). The tremendous amount of support we received from the community has been amazing, and through this support we've learned that Bolsa Keyboard Supply really has the potential to become something really great. 

To start off I'd like to discuss the branding a bit. We've decided to shorten the name down from Bolsa Keyboard Supply to Bolsa Supply. Now don't worry we are still the same brand you guys have come to know and trust. We wanted to tighten up our branding a little bit as we are slowly shifting the brand into a different direction. We've learned that while we love selling what we sell, we also really enjoy making cool products from the ground up. We don't want to associate our brand as just another misc. parts and accessories retailer; but an actual brand that makes awesome products (while still carrying parts and accessories necessary for the custom keeb enthusiast!). With that we felt like changing the name to something that better associates us with this new direction. We want to be more than just a keyboard parts and accessories supplier and we think shortening the name to "Bolsa Supply" does that job well without taking away our pre-existing identity too much. In addition to that we noticed that a lot of people were referring to us as Bolsa Supply anyways, so this transition feels really...correct.  All our socials/Discord will now be changed to Bolsa Supply from now on, but feel free to call us whatever you guys want!

Next I'd like to briefly talk about the website refresh. Our original website was the stock shopify theme that is preloaded into all new shopify websites and we never bothered to change it. We never thought the store would get to where it is today, so I never bothered to put any effort into the website, but now with the new refresh it only make sense to give the website a new look. Definitely let us know how you guys like it!

A lot of our product with our branding will still retain the old Bolsa Keyboard branding, but moving forward from today all new products will be incorporating the new Bolsa Supply branding. 

With this new refresh comes new innovations and projects. 2021 is going to be a massive year for us and we have so many cool projects planned, from keycaps, deskmats, switches, keyboard kits, + more. We are also currently in progress of looking for a new HQ, in which we can begin rolling out new possibilities such as in store pick up (if you are local), local meetups (obviously after COVID dies down) and so, so much more! 

Again thank you everyone for your major support in Bolsa's growth, and we look forward to what the future has in store for us!

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