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Posted by CMSP Huncho on

A late week update for u guys

All deskmats

OG Irezumi Deskmats - The manufacture had told me that the shipment has already reached the port of Long Beach as of 11/2/2020; now it is simply a matter of waiting for UPS to pick up the deskmats and delivering it to us. We hope to receive them within the next week. 

Bride of Darkness - Manufacturing is about finished and the deskmats are about to make way to us now. Fulfillment is expected to happen in December. 

King of LA - We had a lot going on with this deskmat if you weren't able to tell. Anyways production on the new design has already began, and luckily we only had a few people who wanted to cancel their order, in which their spots were quickly taken by those who had missed out on the deskmat originally. Lead time is currently about 45 days on this deskmat and we are hoping to fulfill it before Christmas. 

Ongoing Projects

Tropical Collection - Deskmats have gone out for manufacturing already. Switch preorders are still on going and will continue running until we have sold out! We are hoping to receive the switches sometime late December.

Carrying Cases - Carrying cases have already shipped to us and should be here this month. Everyone that placed a pre-order will have theirs shipped out as soon as they arrive at our doorstep. 

Upcoming Projects

Irezumi B + W - The response on the IC for this deskmat was beyond our expectations! Samples for the deskmat should be arriving next week, and the group buy will start as soon as OG Irezumi deskmat orders are shipped and extras are sold.

Translucent 5-pin Panda Switch - BSUN had notified us that their new 5-pin mold is just about ready and that they will be sending us our sample batch sometime next week. Expect some awesome content surrounding this soon! GB is planned for end of November/Early December. 

Bolsa PBT BoW Keycaps - Manufacturing has already began and will be making its way to us shortly. We are expected to receive these sometime towards the end of this month. This will be a limited in stock sale, limited to only 100 units. We will provide more updates on this as we receive updates from our agent. 

BKS65 PCB - Samples are currently in process of being produced and will be en-route to us within the next week. Manufacturing should begin shortly after receiving the samples.

65% Keyboard - We are waiting for our first round of prototypes to finish up. Surface treatment should be finished no later than early next week then the prototype will head our way. Once we receive the prototype we will then drop full details on this very exciting project we have been working on.  

Miscellaneous News

Submission Form - We are working on getting a submission form for users to submit custom keycap/deskmat design ideas to us if anyone is interested in working with us! We hope to get this feature rolled out this month.

That will wrap it up for this weeks update. As always if you have any questions holla at us on Discord

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