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Posted by CMSP Huncho on

update time boys and girls lets cut right to the chase


Currently there are no updates on deskmats and ongoing projects; please refer to the last update posted on 11/6 for the most recent status update on anything related to those topics. 

Upcoming Projects

Irezumi B + W: Again, insane response on the IC on both Reddit and Discord. Super excited to drop these mats and really hoping for the OG Irezumi deskmats to arrive soon so we can launch the GB on these!

Translucent BSUN Panda: From the moment this is posted, expect the IC/GB Info post + sound test video to drop a few hours later. 

These switches have been in a little bit of a debacle. We are aware that another vendor had posted an IC on these exact switches a few days ago. Just to clear the air we have been working on this switch with BSUN since September, and this was originally our project first. When samples finished last week BSUN presented the switch to other vendors which lead to an IC being posted on Reddit shortly after. After reaching out to both the vendor and BSUN, we were provided with exclusivity rights for the first round since we were the first to approach them with this concept. It is important to note that the other vendor did nothing wrong and were unaware of the situation, so a big thank you to them for handling the situation so well. 

Bolsa PBT BoW Keycaps: Manufacturing is expected to be finish around the 16th, and will then be shipped to us. We will be expecting them the following week and they will go up live on our website as soon as we get them!

BKS65 PCB: We will be receiving our samples next week (already shipped out). Once the PCB is verified to be working properly we will begin production. 

thats it for this week ladies and gentlemen, see ya next week!

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